Deeper Paper


Designer: Kairi Eguchi


Milk cartons, Food wastes (such as orange peel, avocado peel, tea leaves, egg shell, chickpeas, coffee, coconut fiber, etc)
Process: Papers are created when pulverized milk cartons are mixed with disintegrated food waste particulate in the paper making process. Pulp mold is created by a 3D printer and pour some material to make paper into the mold. Carefully drying it over time and remove it from the mold to complete.


The food waste is becoming a worldwide problem. In order to solve this problem permanently, we considered using it as material to create papers. Our culture has a history of using papers for a long period of time in Japan and there exists a special paper making process involving drawing method. We look forward to bringing out various textured papers in mixing food waste particles with the original material to make paper. Please experience the tactile sensations, fragrance, strength and brittleness of the finished products.

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