nuno (Series of textile-like cover)


Designer: Jun Murakoshi

Material: Polyamide
Process: We CT scanned the cloth fixed into a shape that was placed casually and printed out using a 3D printer after digital processing.


This work is similar to a “cloth-like” product that have been produced and sold for decades in Japan to cover up everyday necessaries. While the act of covering up itself is simple, the shape created in the process is actually a complex three-dimensional curved surface that is difficult to recreate. Originally, a high-precision CT scan used for nondestructive inspection of automobile parts is taken and used to create digitized shape of the kvadrat woven fabric placed casually. The texture produced is not the pattern arranged digitally and it proves structurally that the fabric is composed of warp and weft. This was an attempt by the designer to deliver a random and exclusive three-dimensional curved surface of casually placed cloth into our everyday life.

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