About Experimental Creations

A platform that presents design capabilities in innovative ways
“Experimental Creations” is a project that focuses on material experimentations and creative processes. In creating objects, it is important to contemplate extra value such as colors and touch, along with the design of physical aesthetics and functionality. Moreover, the design capabilities expand in midst of creative processes involving innovative experimentations of materials, rather than during the design process of physical appearances using existing materials.


About Organiser

Experimental Creations Founder / Producer / Director Yumi Ueno

Design Exhibitions in Japan have evolved and expanded after its first introduction in late 90s.  Similarly, the word “design” became more common and more people became involved in design industry.  However, only a fraction of those engaged in this industry can prosper.

In 2013, the organizer utilized the experience from Tokyo Designers Week and the design studio specializing in CMF design called FEEL GOOD CREATION and established a platform of material experimentation for designers called Experimental Creations. Every year, it all begins with a search for creative talents to join in on the journey to explore new possibilities by experimenting with raw material. As a platform, designers are to participate in casual meetings where they can share their ideas and give updates on their experiments. This allows participating designers to exchange ideas and inspire each other like peers. Moreover, creating business opportunities and building professional network for participating designers are also important part of this platform and the relationship with the participants continues until the successful launch of their final product.


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