Oriental Loops

Designer: Ryosuke Fukusada
Process: Examined the flat patterns and created(3D printed) five types of chained tridimensional structures using Rhinoceros. Applied copper, gold and silver coatings to these structures made of polyamide and polycarbonate-like material in various scales.

The designer searched for surface expressions that fully take advantage of the unique characteristics of 3D printing which enables us to produce repetitive seamless rings. For this project, the designs inspired by the Japanese traditional flat patterns were made into tridimensional structures. More modern and tasteful surface expressions can be fabricated by applying coatings to these structures that can be used as material for various objects such as lamp shades when rolled, partition when hanged or jewelry when scaled-down.
Special Thanks: Shinkosya Co., Ltd.

Shown at

Experimental Creations at VENTURA LAMBRATE: Digital Experiments
Experimental Creations at VENTURA LAMBRATE: Digital Experiments

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