ALTERS -subsidiaries –

Designer: Dan Tomimatsu

Material:FDM(Stratasys SR-20)

Process: 3D Scaninng and Rhinoceros


Exhibiting a container solely made with the support material generated in conducting simulation, after sending the 3D scanned data of a fieldstone to a 3D printer.  Generally, the support material is automatically produced to protect the final product that gets removed and discarded in the end.  This relationship is altered in this project and the data of what normally considered as the final product got discarded.    In printing the necessary products out of 3D printing, we are bound to end up with these excess support material.   The support material generated in printing the necessary products out of 3D printing represents the technology of 3D printing which supports our lifestyle.  This project is directed to symbolized the raison d’etre of 3D printing technology today.

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