Experimental Creations 2018 Tokyo

Welcome to the ninth edition of Experimental Creations, which showcases seven innovative ideas presented by talented Japanese product and interior designers.  The theme of this edition is to experiment creatively with Arakawa grip in order to explore innovative usages by observing and examining its characteristics.


Experimental Creations

Experimental Creations is a project that was launched in 2013, by the design producer Yumi Ueno, which focuses on material experimentations and creative processes to reveal rooted meanings of products.  This project was established in response to characteristics that have emerged in modern society where versatile design overflows and innovative perspectives in product development are called for.  Currently 31 talented Japanese designers have participated in the creative experimentation.



“Creating something original” is the founding principle of ARAKAWA & CO., LTD.

We are committed to creating new values and exploring what’s next with our key product called ARAKAWA GRIP, a highly potential cable gripping device that can be used in various ways.

TIERS GALLERY operated by ARAKAWA & CO., LTD is open to all kinds of art works, whether it is architecture, interior design, graphic design, or product design.



Date:12th – 13th, 19th – 28th October and 3rd – 4th, 9th-10th, 16th-17th November 2018

(DESIGNART 2018 : 19th-28th October 2018)


Designer’s Presentation & Reception:Friday, 26th Oct. 18:00-20:00


3F TIERS 5-7-12, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo, Japan

Special Thanks:

ARAKAWA & Co., Ltd.

Yumi Ueno


Bouillon, Jun Murakoshi, Kunikazu Hamanishi, Kentaro Kudo / STUDIO noem, Kaori Akiyama / STUDIO BYCOLOR, Tomoki Doi / and associates, Yukihiro Yamaguchi / Studio-Y2

Graphic Design:
Takahiro Yasuda / cekai

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