Designer: Jun Murakoshi
Material: Polyamide, 3D print and rubber coating
Process: Designed containers by Rhinoceros and laid out a virtual situation to output by 3D printing used Selective laser Sintering that made up of concentric sphere 1mm thick layers from inside to outside. The data of the form were led efficiently by Grasshopper. The object was 3D printed and its interior was coated by liquid rubber.

While the layer-lines common for 3D printed objects puts emphasis on its means of production, the designer came to strategically implement these lines as a surface expression by structuring the object in a concentric and spherical order instead of using the common practice of horizontal layering. As a result, the shape of the output resembles the pottery created on the wheel and the layer-lines on the surface similarly simulate the distinctive hand marks engraved during the traditional method. Moreover, the functionality of “yuyaku” (glaze) is substituted by rubber which does not only prevents water penetration but also adds colors and a unique tone created by unmanageable flow of liquid. This is a work that re-evaluates the trace of process by employing the futuristic precision technique that ignores the traditional production process of 3D printing.

Shown at

Experimental Creations at VENTURA LAMBRATE: Digital Experiments
Experimental Creations at VENTURA LAMBRATE: Digital Experiments

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